Aldi- Food of the Grads!

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I love Aldi! I hope everyone lives in an area with an Aldi. Aldi is a sibling grocery chain to Trader Joe’s so their quality and selection of interesting items is pretty good! They offer seasonal items and staples at very good prices.

I recently stocked up before the semester and got all of this (plus a little I forgot to put on the table) for about $110.

Making it rain + Eating healthy-ish= WINNING

I got fresh produce, frozen fruit, frozen salmon, soy milk, and lots of pantry items that I was running low on (oatmeal, peanut butter, nuts, etc.).

PlusesGreat personal brand! You won’t find too many other brands except for the Aldi brand. The prices and quality are usually really good. And if you try something you don’t like, you can take advantage of the money back guarantee!

Money back guarantee!– They have a double back guarantee where if you are unsatisfied with an item, bring it back and they will replace the item and refund your money! I have done this less than a handful of the many times I’ve shopped at Aldi. Once was when I got some spicy canned beans and they were just too spicy to my liking and got some new beans and my $1.50 as well. I feel valued as a customer AND a way to give feedback to Aldi on how their products are doing.

Healthy selection! I appreciate that Aldi has a variety of different brand lines for healthy eating. They have a gluten-free line, healthy snacks (Fit & Active) and even some protein powder in different flavors!

MinusesItem availability. A big complaint I have heard from some people is that at times Aldi runs out of an item or just doesn’t stock a certain item, so another grocery store trip is needed. I get around this by getting creative with what Aldi does have or picking up the 1 or 2 items I am missing elsewhere. I also happen to love grocery shopping so I am not most people.

Checkout lines. It’s always a few minutes to wait to checkout. Most veteran Aldi shoppers know what to expect but new shoppers might be a bit surprised. There is always one checkout line open and the staff can usually get one or two more lines open when there are lots of customers. I think the savings are worth a little line wait. Like going to any other grocery store, I try to avoid busy times (after work, late in the weekend).

Tips for Aldi shoppers:
– Bring a quarter to use the grocery carts.
– Bring your own bags. You can pick up boxes in the store or pay a few cents for bags in the checkout line.
– Take your time going through the store.

Do you like Aldi? Have questions? Leave a comment!

Grad on!

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