An evening at Cultural center Sao Paulo (Centro Cultura Sao Paulo)

I love Sao Paulo, Brazil so much! It’s fun to be back for a quick visit with my old lab at the USP School of Public Health (Faculdade de Saude Publica). I decided to take a break from working to visit the Cultural center Sao Paulo (Centro Cultura Sao Paulo).

It is very easy to get here as it sits right on top of Vergueiro station on the Metro blue line. Tonight, they were ending a film series and each ticket was R$2. That’s their everyday price and what a bargain!

The layout of the center is really interesting. They have lots of open air space in addition to covered areas. You will see dance groups practicing, actors rehearsing and students studying. They have some wifi access and lots of desks and outlets as well. It’s open daily about 10-8 or 9. You can see art shows, dance performances, live theater, music and movies. They also have some courses in dance and art.

All this space for art!

I got there  a little early so I thought I would grab a bite at Citron CCSP. It’s a lunch counter normally so at 7pm they only had drinks and snacks/desserts available. Prices are a little high in my opinion (slice of cake R$7, croissant R$5,50, water $3,50) but it’s an easy place to grab a bite and watch the various groups practice and rehearse. I couldn’t find much information about them online, but they should be open most days 10-8.

Salgados e sobremesas!

When it was time for my show, I went to find which room it would be in. They have a clearly marked ticket area (bilheteria) to purchase your ticket which has the information of your show. I knew it would be downstairs but I was very impressed with the quality of the theater. It was very comfortable and modern. I would have loved some popcorn but the niceness of the theater helps me understand that they want to keep it nice.

Who’s got popcorn?

All around, a very interesting place to check out, even if only for a picnic. There is a welcoming vibe to the place and can see the vibrancy of Brazilian culture here.

Travel onwards!

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