Grad study abroad- Mission possible

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Who says you can’t study abroad as a graduate student? Undergrads don’t get to have all of the fun! (Though it is a lot more fun than grad school…)

Both “graduate student” and “study abroad” CAN be used in the same sentence. I think a reason that the majority of graduate students and graduate programs don’t encourage/organize graduate student study abroad opportunities is because each program and graduate student experience is unique. My experience at my university as a Public Health PhD student is vastly different from another PhD student also in Public Health. I was really happy to have a study abroad experience as a graduate student and I will be writing about my experience and thoughts.

Here I will be put a list of some posts ( and posts to come) about studying abroad as a graduate student.

Where to get started?
-Are Borens boring? (SPOILER- Heck no!)
-How to make a study abroad work for you (customize and get creative)
-Making a graduate study abroad program work with your institution

Feel free to comment or ask questions!

Travel on!

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