Grad study abroad- Where to get started?

I’m glad you are thinking about studying abroad as a graduate student! I did not do a study abroad until I was a PhD student so even though I have traveled around to many countries, I didn’t know where to start with travel as a student. I just remember thinking that study abroad was 1. expensive (EXPEN$IVE), 2. sometimes difficult to customize and 3. needed to be recognized by your university so that everything is hunky dory.

Study aboard can be a much more flexible endeavor than you think and there is even funding available! You really don’t know what your options are until you see what’s out there. And I promise that there are options! I know you are good at researching things so hit the internet. You are good at this by now but it is important to start early. Application deadlines can be at any time of there year.

You might find your study abroad office at your university has some resources for graduate students. I did some Google-fu for my department and found the Boren Awards ( more on that later). Here are a few links to get your search started:

Boren Awards | Fulbright Scholar Program | Euro Scholars | Institute of International Education

Find anything you are interested in? Let me know below!

Best of luck!

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