How mosquitoes bite: All you never wanted to see…

I saw this interesting article by NPR about mosquito biting with some useful information on general mosquito facts and their biting behavior.

What took the cake (and made me kind of squeamish about mosquito research for the first time in a long time) was this video by Deep Look:

WARNING- Tiny bit graphic? Also, don’t have your speakers turned up… you will hear some eery sounds or it could have just been me squealing…

If I had to list my feelings of the video:

1. I really liked the general knowledge that the video highlights (ie. only females bite, displaying Culex, Aedes, and Anopheles examples, larvae habitats…) It’s awesome to educate the public!

2. Really great video detail and quality! I would like to make some high quality videos/still images of my mosquitoes at some point because they are hard to find. I am open to collaborating with a photographer to fill this niche but haven’t had any volunteers yet. Hm, wonder why…

3. I learned some new things (6 needles?!? and look how good they are at finding the vein!!!!) and got to see a proboscis dissection! Major props on the dissection, that is no easy feat! I tried salivary dissections and let’s just say my technique needs practice.

4. Lastly, I think the sound effects of feeding were what made me question my studies of mosquitoes, if just for a moment (or two…or three…).

All in all, great video with information and amazing detail. Maybe a tad too amazing but it definitely makes you more aware of mosquitoes!

Stay safe and informed,


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